The standard to which MLA’s should be held has been at the forefront of many recent discussions. Because of this, I today moved a motion (Motion 6-18(1)) calling on all Members of the Legislative Assembly to adopt and sign a revised Members’ Conduct Guidelines. As part of the motion, I also asked that the the Standing Committee on Rules and Procedures engage in a public and comprehensive review of the Guidelines.

The motion states that “it is an honour and a privilege to serve the people of the Northwest Territories as legislators” and “the trust and confidence the people have placed in conferring this office upon us demands the highest standard of conduct, integrity and honour.” My hope is that we can create a Code of Conduct that  is more than just aspirational, and can actually hold MLAs accountable for their actions, and put meaning behind these words.

The motion was passed with a unanimous vote. Below are copies of the motion, and of my signed copy of the Conduct Guidelines.

Motion 6-18(1) – Adoption of Members’ Conduct Guidelines (pdf)

Members’ Conduct Guidlines – Signed by R.J. Simpson (pdf)