On March 6, 2017, the Minister of Education, Culture, & Employment announced that Aurora College would undergo a foundational review.

SIMPSON: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It was less than two weeks ago that I stood up here and asked the Minister of Education to commit to doing a foundational review of Aurora College, so who says government moves slowly? I would just like to flesh some of the details. I just have a couple of questions. My first is that he talks about a foundational review. Is that going to be something done internally by the college, something done by ECE, or are we having an external body come and look at this with some fresh eyes? Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

HON. ALFRED MOSES: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Obviously, because we are going to be doing this foundational review of the Aurora College, it will be done externally. We will get a third party to come in and do the review. The department, as well as the Aurora College, will get to have input in terms of the foundational review itself, but it will be done externally. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

SIMPSON: I would just like to know: what is this review going to be looking at? Is this going to be looking at the way the programs are running, looking at if these are the programs we actually want and need, or is it also going to encompass the functioning of the administration when it comes to the campus itself, travel, and all those sorts of details?

HON. ALFRED MOSES: I think the Member made a few good suggestions there. We are also looking at making the focus on our labour market needs, as well as the students’ needs, moving forward. I did commit, in my opening statement earlier today, that we will provide the terms of reference and get input from standing committee on the terms of reference. That terms of reference is going to help guide how the review will take place, and Members will have an opportunity to provide input into that terms of reference before we go out into the foundational review, itself.

SIMPSON: This is my last question. I was wondering: what is the timeline on the development of that terms of reference? When can we expect that to be completed?

HON. ALFRED MOSES: We are in the initial stages right now of developing that terms of reference. Once that terms of reference is done, we will bring it before Cabinet, and then, after Cabinet, we will take it before committee. I don’t have an exact timeline when that will be, but as soon as we get it, we will get it out to committee for feedback so that we can start this review as soon as possible.