Image from Canada Olympic Team website

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, we MLAs from Hay River have a tradition, a tradition that started three Assemblies ago, and I’m truly honoured to be a part of it.

I speak, or course, of the tradition of standing up in this House every 4 years, and congratulating  Hay River’s own Brendan Green for making the Canadian Olympic Biathlon team. This is third consecutive time that Mr. Green will represent Team Canada at the Winter Olympics, which opened this morning in Pyongchang, South Korea.

Mr. Speaker this is a monumental achievement, and cements Mr. Green’s legacy as one of Canada’s greatest biathletes of all time. After strapping on skis for the first time at 3 years old, he started training for biathlon at age 9.  At 16 he set his sights on the Olympics, and after years of unwavering dedication and training he made his Olympic debut in 2010 in Vancouver.

He was again selected for the 2014 Olympics he achieved Canada’s best ever result in one of the events in which he competed, and was the fastest Canadian in numerous others.

He helped make Canadian biathlon history in 2016 when he anchored his relay team to bronze, for Canada’s first ever relay medal at the world championships.

He’s brought tremendous pride to Hay River, and as part of the group of biathletes that have raised the calibre of the sport across the country, and raised Canada’s profile on the world stage for biathlon, he brings pride to our entire nation.

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Green should truly be looked upon as a role model – not for his achievements, but for how he achieved them. I recently read a quote from him about the secret to his success, he said: “There are no secrets. It’s about getting the work done, putting your head down and grinding it out.” Mr. Speaker, truer words have never been spoken, and Mr. Green is living proof.

Mr. Speaker, would the House please join me in congratulating, and cheering on the pride of Hay River, Mr. Brendan Green.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.